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Landscape companies are a lot like families – at least the good ones are. Teams of people working passionately toward one common goal while taking pride in their work. Some say the days are gone where skilled people had the knowledge to hand prune a masterpiece landscape. The cultivation of time-honored skills that seem to have somehow been lost in the new days of gigantic service companies with faraway executives that are focused on bottom lines and valuation multiples that know very little about landscaping and care even less about yours. We’re big enough to have the expertise for the big jobs but small enough to care about the work that is done.

Horticulture Services Group: Commercial Landscaping Done Right.

HSG was founded to be the expert company over ten years ago. We’re the company you call when you want things done right. There are still people who value the skills needed to make a truly beautiful landscape. I was told once that “Simplicity is the height of elegance.” That still holds true today. The education of a client is as important as the ability to do the work. The application of a labor of love is only labor until it is understood what has gone into it. The training, skill, and timing that enables a landscape to reach its true potential is sometimes a mystery for the consumer.   

We have been the trusted landscape and irrigation experts in the Destin area for the past ten years and have the expertise and resources to optimize the curb appeal of your HOA, resort, or other commercial property in the most cost-effective way possible. We would love the opportunity to work with you and prove to you that we are the best fit for your landscaping and irrigation needs.

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