Commercial Maintenance

Great landscaping starts here and takes a year-round plan. Strategic planning and skilled application with proper timing is the key to the best looking landscaping possible. 

HSG provides comprehensive landscape maintenance for Commercial Properties in the Florida Panhandle. Our Commercial Landscape Maintenance plans include properly timed pruning and applications to insure your plants and turf are healthy and looking their best. They also include irrigation management and maintenance.

Controlling all aspects of your property’s maintenance is the only way to control the results. Each property we maintain has its own maintenance plan created by a degreed Plant and Soil Scientist with over 22 years’ experience designing, installing, and maintaining commercial landscapes. It is monitored with regular inspections and follow-up that we encourage all property managers and stakeholders to attend.

Horticulture Services Group is more than just another lawn service. We specialize exclusively on commercial landscaping because we have the knowledge and expertise to give the property the care it deserves. Our team is trained to provide correct landscape services that are consistent with the expectations of the board of directors, property manager, and/or owner(s).

  • Full turf-management program including specialized fertilizer, pesticides, pre-emergents, fungal treatments, and weed killers.
  • Best-practice structure pruning throughout the growing season.
  • Monthly irrigation audit and repair from one of our certified irrigation specialists.
  • Regular property inspections from our management to ensure landscape improvements and consistency
  • Monthly property walkthroughs with board members, managers, and homeowners to keep communication lines open and address any issues or answer questions

Let’s work together.

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