Color Programs

Aside from being a certified landscape irrigation service professional, we also take immense pride in our color programs. After all, flowers are typically used to create accents around pool areas, entrances, and other important locations. It’s the first impression of the property, and unlike many other companies, we don’t just stick flowers in the ground and hope for the best. Instead, we start by raising up the flower bed area for presentation purposes. Next, we add a very specialized flower soil and fertilizer mix to ensure proper health and beauty all season long. We then decide what flower arrangement to go with based on the location, purpose, and direction of the sun. Finally, we space the flowers evenly and symmetrically to allow proper growth and top it off with a specialized mulch to add effect. Most other landscape companies don’t even come close to our color arrangements.

Turf and Installations

Our turf programs include fertilization, weed killers, pre-emergents, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and anything else the turf requires. We stay proactive by inspecting every turf area each week to ensure the health and beauty of the landscape. If we notice a deficiency of any kind, we are quick to treat the issue before it becomes a real problem. When is the last time your landscape provider looked out for your best interest?

HSG, Inc. is one of the few qualified landscape organizations that can paint a masterpiece on a blank canvas. We do new install design build and enhancements for any size property. Taking something ugly and making it beautiful is one of the most intrinsically rewarding parts of our job. Additionally, by enhancing the look of the landscaping can increase property value or at least make it far more appealing to live there. Make sure you hire a trusted and certified landscape irrigation service professional. Enhancement design bids are free for our existing maintenance customers.

Let’s work together.

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