How important is it to be licensed and certified in irrigation services?

If you had major problems with your vehicle, would you just let any Joe Shmo work on it, or would you rather pay a little extra to ensure it’s getting fixed the right way with someone licensed and certified?

It’s the same with landscaping services. We are one of the only companies in the Florida panhandle that are certified irrigation contractors (CIC) in both the state and the country. That’s a big deal.

The barriers of entry are so low in the landscaping industry that just about anyone that owns a lawnmower and way to pull it around can start their own company. Many of these “companies” claim to understand irrigation installation and repair but have no clue how zoning, pressurization, or flow concepts work. This issue can be disastrous for properties and could end up costing 2X or 3X more money to fix that it would have been to just hire the right person from the beginning.

I understand someone trying to save money, but to have an unqualified entity working on a very expensive irrigation system could be very risky. So do yourself a favor and hire a CERTIFIED irrigation specialists like us.

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Death by Spreadsheet

Is your landscape service falling short of your expectations?

During these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to protect your investment. Many large landscape providers in the Florida Panhandle “manage by spreadsheet” and only allocate a certain number of “man-hours” per job towards a particular property each week or month. Once that number is reached, they simply pack up and move on to the next job, so they don’t eat into the shareholders’ profits. Is this the type of landscape service you want to work with?

This is a terrible way to manage any business in the service industry.

At Horticulture Services Group, we are large enough to handle any size property, and our customers’ landscape needs come first. Your landscape does not know what spreadsheets are and could care less if the person maintaining it hit their numbers this month. We take an annual approach to managing your landscape with an understanding that there will be times when flexibility is needed to stay on top of things and “do the right thing” to protect your asset. Of course, we look at our numbers as any responsible business should, but we take a long-view approach to allocating resources so that we are delivering the best service as efficiently as possible.