Thank you for visiting Horticulture Services Group, Inc. We developed this page to answer questions that pertain directly to you and your selection of a landscaping contractor. We are always available by phone or email to answer any questions you may have. We appreciate you time and consideration.

Best Regards,
Shawn LaRue
Owner, HSG Inc.

  • How long has HSG, Inc. been around?
    • We were founded in fall of 2008. Before that the founder had accumulated over 10 years experience managing and growing some well known companies in the Southeastern US.
  • How big is HSG, Inc.?
    • Short answer—As big as we need to be. Our approach has been and always will be to let the horse pull the cart. We have capital and resources to grow to our customer base. We are always developing new people to serve our customers and grow our business. We don’t have shareholder’s demanding unreasonable quarterly returns that can be detrimental to a business that is run on an annual service cycle. We are also not a national company hell bent on taking over the world by low balling everything in sight. But still, this doesn’t mean we are poorly run. The Founder, in addition to a formal Plant and Soil Science Degree, is an MBA and has a keen eye on expenses and revenues. This is admittedly a pretty rare combination for this type of service business. Our accountant said that our controls are better than most of the doctor’s and lawyer’s businesses that they maintain.
  • What services do you provide?
    • If it is outside and has to do with landscaping chances are good we can help you with it.
  • Do you do residential maintenance?
    • If we can do what the customer wants and can agree on a reasonable price then yes. We do not do per function mowing or other minimal a la carte service. In almost all cases an annual agreement is required.
  • Do you just do spraying or fertilizer applications?
    • A great landscape requires that a lot of different things happen on regular schedule. We can’t do that by seeing you 6 times a year or even every month. We will do tree root zone injections but no turf or shrubs.
  • Do you do installations?
    • YES!! We can take you from conception of an idea to the realization of that idea and do everything in between.
  • Are there any jobs too large?
    • We have the “know how” to manage complex projects with budgets in excess of $1 million. There aren’t too many of those so chances are you are below that and would be able to give you the great service you desire.
  • Too small?
    • There could be instances where we just wouldn’t be able to take care of a project because the owner’s expectations were well beyond what they were reasonably willing to pay for.
  • My Association has a property management company. How can I get you involved?
    • My first question would be how is your relationship with your CAM? If it is good and you want us to work directly with them, great. We have great working relationships with many different companies in the area. Sometimes that relationship is not so good and we can work directly with the board. Ultimately, we work for you, not the PM association. Beware that some PM’s have “preferred” vendors that they use that may not always be in your best interest. Just remember, it’s all about you and what you want.
  • We don’t have much of a budget and your company looks fancy. Are you expensive?
    • Expensive? No. We are very competitive when comparing apples to apples. But did you ever count how many different kinds of apples exist? There are 52 weeks in a year so there are a lot of areas to take into account on a given scope of work. Despite your best efforts to develop the perfect scope of work you will get bids all over the map because of the infinite levels of sophistication within individual companies and the motivations within those companies. For example, don’t assume that a big national company will give you an accurate bid. If you are dealing with a Business Developer, you are likely to get a bid that is whatever it needs to be so that they can collect their commission. That will leave you and unfortunate operations person to figure out how to get the work done. Then you will be constantly calling and chasing them because they are cutting corners to try and meet their budget. If the person signing the contract is not the one writing the checks you should be wary. BD’s can be fired but where will that leave you? The small guy, on the other hand, has a vested interest in making it work but he needs to do more than say, “that’s a $500/mth job or a $3000/mth job” At the end of the day, you should select a contractor that you are comfortable with, show them your budget, and get an honest assessment of what they can do for you. I realize that is contradictory to some people’s intuition but in my 15 years that is how the most satisfactory relationships develop. Believe me; you don’t want to get into a shell game with a landscaper. It’s best to be up front and know each side’s position.
  • How do I set up an appointment?
    • You can email or call us at 850-603-9783. We would schedule a face-to-face meeting and walk the property with you to see what your needs are. We don’t hard sell. You may decide that we are not the company for you. Or you may decide that we are. At your direction, we formulate a plan to get your particular property where it needs to be. If we agree on terms, we begin a long-term relationship with both of us meeting our goals.