Is Your Landscape Edible?

Edible landscaping is becoming more common as people are starting to make their flowerbeds visually stunning and functional. You might have an edible garden without even realizing it. If you are just starting a garden or renovating your current garden there are a few things you can do to combine your flowers with your fruits and vegetables.

Your garden’s soil should be rich with nutrients that will allow it to produce fruits and vegetables throughout the season. If you are planting in the ground instead of flowerbeds or planters, you will want to test the soil first. Take a small amount of the dirt in your hand and get it wet, if it dries quickly it is sand; if the soil is sticky, it’s clay. You will need to turn the soil using a roto-tiller or shovel before any planting takes place.

Instead of using hedges in front of your home replace them with small fruit trees or blueberry bushes. Herbs can line your flowerbeds and also add extra greenery. If you’re looking to add a tree for shade, think about planting a fruit tree. has a great garden design tool so you can plan your edible landscape.

If you are interested in making your landscape functional with herbs, fruits and vegetables, please contact Horticulture Services Group today! We will assess the area and help you map out the areas that will be perfect for turning your standard garden into one that is plentiful with fruits and vegetables.  We can be reached at 850-603-9783.