Serving the Community

When it comes to serving their community, Horticulture Services Group goes to the limit. For starters, they will help out military families with customized maintenance programs to take the responsibility off of spouses or family members of those deployed. Additionally, they provide essential hurricane/flood preparation services that involve licensed inspections and evaluations of your landscape; recommendations for preparing your property for severe weather; pictures for potential insurance claims; and written documentation available to you. Most companies go for the fast and easy work, but Hort Services cares about their customers and will go the extra mile to keep not only good business, but good relationships too.

For any questions, contact Horticulture Services Group to receive professional, comprehensive assessment of your landscape and see what can be done to improve it. In a situation where one company might look at a dilapidated yard and see just dirt, Hort Services sees nothing but potential and a future inviting space with healthy life. That’s why you choose Horticulture Services Group. They take on projects and make them long-lasting accomplishments. Whether you need regular upkeep, renovations, or starting from scratch settings, Hort Services has everything you could want in a professional landscaping company. Give us a call at 850-603-9783 to get started today!

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense Certified

Horticulture Services Group has taken irrigation and water management. We are one of the first 50 horticulturists in the state to voluntarily become licensed in the States new Contractor licensing program. We also became a partner in the EPA’s Watersense program.

Recently, Crestview News Bulletin wrote an article on what this means to the landscaping and irrigation industry for local residents.

EPA logo

“The state of Florida is actually getting to where they’re trying to manage and regulate irrigation contractors the way with they do pesticide companies,” LaRue said.

Shawn LaRue also states that the certification, “Promotes sound irrigation processes,” and “sets standards and elevates the whole industry.”

Read more of this article at Crestview News Bulletin. If you’re having issues with your irrigation system or landscape, don’t hesitate to contact Hort Services Group today.

Maintain Your Lawn and Irrigation System in the Fall

The days and nights are getting cooler as we get further into the fall season, but what does this mean for your lawn maintenance and irrigation system?

Be sure that you do not continue to lower your mowing height just so you are cutting grass. The thatch layer provides winter protection for your turf and can help prevent the germination of winter weeds. Don’t get aggressive until early spring before dormancy when you want to remove much of the winter thatch to make way for fresh green summer grass.

Do not apply high nitrogen fertilizers to your lawn. The grass isn’t growing, it does no need food. A low dose of potassium will help roots stay strong in the winter months and be ready for spring.

Make sure your irrigation system is off. There is no need to water existing, well–established landscape during the winter months. It will only lead to problems with fungus and the general health of the landscape. Most systems in Northwest Florida do not need to be drained. If you have lines above ground, disconnect them or wrap in blankets to prevent freezing. Manually open a couple of valves to allow expansion in case of freezing.

Hort Services Group is the first landscaping company in Northwest Florida to have a State of Florida Specialty Contractors License in Irrigation. Please contact us today if you have any questions concerning your irrigation system, our team of professionals will answer any questions you may have.

Are Permeable Pavement For You?

Our customers want their driveways and patios to be able to withstand heavy traffic and natural elements, but another key factor is how environmentally friendly they are. Horticulture Services Group has a great options for you!

With many available options when it comes to permeable pavement, you will notice a lack of surface puddles but how does this happen? Beneath the pavers are five layers of stone that will collect the water. The runoff that has been stored will be used later to water your lawn or simply be removed by a drain. Think about using excess rain water to water the soil and how much water you might be using on an irrigation system.

Another positive aspect to this surface option is the long-lasting life span. With a 50-year life cycle, you and your family can enjoy the patio or driveway for many years to come. For more information on permeable pavements and what they can do for you, contact us today at 850-603-9783!

Never Adjust Your Clock Again!

Most people have not thought much about their irrigation systems this summer. Record rainfall in June and July and continued wetness into August has all but eliminated the need for supplemental irrigation in our area. Even with that record rainfall, we still have people watering their lawns… it’s absolutely incredible!

I was recently called to look at a potential landscape upgrade for a customer. The home was less than two years old and the builder had installed an irrigation system as a part of the construction. This was not a cheap home and was in a very nice development. The system was set up with a 1.5hp centrifugal pump, a 2″ well and had six zones. The zones were controlled by an inexpensive, very reliable technology from the 1950’s called an index valve and a mechanical type controller. If you live in Northwest Florida you are probably familiar with these or you may even have one yourself. This is like installing an old fashioned outhouse on a half million dollar home in the world of irrigation technology.

When speaking to the customer, I learned that they watered every day, every zone, for 45 minutes. My jaw dropped when he told me that. I asked if he made any adjustments for all the rain and he said that he didn’t. It had run that way, unchanged, for the better part of the time they had been in the house—almost two years.

We went through the system by turning the pump on and off to allow the index valve to cycle through each zone. That is the way an index valve system works, to water one area you have to water all areas. You have to do this every time. There is no choice.

Smart Controller For Your Irrigation System!

We are all busy. Homeowners have enough to do and worry about without adding weekly irrigation clock adjustments. There are options for those who want to take this off their list. “Smart” controllers have come down significantly in price and will soon become the industry standard for irrigation control. Depending on the model, a smart controller takes into account actual rainfall, evapotranspiration rates, and precipitation performance of the system to replenish soil moisture to optimal levels. Once set up, it does this with little input from the user. Not only is this environmentally friendly, it can save serious money on systems using metered water. An added benefit, it prevents you from overwatering, which is the number one issue affecting plant health in managed landscapes.

Call HSG, Inc. today to inquire about your index valve conversion and Smart Controller options.


We are licensed in irrigation!

We are proud to announce that HSG, Inc. is now one of the first Landscape companies in the State of Florida to acquire the new State Wide Specialty Contractor’s license in Irrigation. This means that HSG, Inc. can install and maintain any system in any municipality in the state of Florida. The new license is another step toward making the irrigation profession more regulated and accountable. It also eliminates the need for individual competency cards for each municipality in which a contractor wishes to provide service.

Unlicensed contractors service systems and install systems in our area every day. Many times the work is substandard and leads to water waste and poor landscape health.

Our license # SCC131151460. Please give us a call at  850-603-9783 when you need irrigation service or a new system.

Is Your Landscape Edible?

Edible landscaping is becoming more common as people are starting to make their flowerbeds visually stunning and functional. You might have an edible garden without even realizing it. If you are just starting a garden or renovating your current garden there are a few things you can do to combine your flowers with your fruits and vegetables.

Your garden’s soil should be rich with nutrients that will allow it to produce fruits and vegetables throughout the season. If you are planting in the ground instead of flowerbeds or planters, you will want to test the soil first. Take a small amount of the dirt in your hand and get it wet, if it dries quickly it is sand; if the soil is sticky, it’s clay. You will need to turn the soil using a roto-tiller or shovel before any planting takes place.

Instead of using hedges in front of your home replace them with small fruit trees or blueberry bushes. Herbs can line your flowerbeds and also add extra greenery. If you’re looking to add a tree for shade, think about planting a fruit tree. has a great garden design tool so you can plan your edible landscape.

If you are interested in making your landscape functional with herbs, fruits and vegetables, please contact Horticulture Services Group today! We will assess the area and help you map out the areas that will be perfect for turning your standard garden into one that is plentiful with fruits and vegetables.  We can be reached at 850-603-9783.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai has opened a 72,000-square meter garden that features over 45 million folowers. The colorful flowers are arranged in different shapes on arches, flowerbeds, and walls. Landscaping company, Abdel Naser Y. Rahal of Akar, designed the garden to show that drip irrigation is possible with the re-use of waste water.

Dubai Miracle Garden had five design principles. Designers wanted to honor the natural and cultural heritage, sustainability, longevity, uniqueness, and provide professional and superior services.

The miracle garden isn’t stopping there! There are plans to add shopping centers, restaurants, and plant nurseries.

Your landscape is limited only by human imagination and of course.. your budget! Contact us today by calling 850-603-9783.

Destin Irrigation and Landscaping Services

What sets a home or office apart from one another isn’t just the architecture or the location, it’s the area around it, like the lawn and yard. Most of the time, a strong, vibrant landscape says a lot about your property, not just how much you care about the environment, but how much success means to you, and how presentation and appearance are given top priority. While landscaping can be a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project, sometimes it helps to hire a professional. Our company services the Destin area in Northwest Florida, and we provide a lot more than high quality landscaping: we provide peace of mind.

Our company offers landscaping and irrigation services to our clients, including:

  • lawn care
  • fertilization
  • planting
  • pest control
  • tree removal and trimming
  • irrigation system maintenance
  • Repairs and Installation

Destin Irrigation and Landscaping Services

Don’t depend on anyone else other than Hort Services Group for your Destin irrigation and landscaping services this spring. Our team of professionals is knowledgable and experienced to handle any landscaping project you may have. For more infomation on our services, please contact us today at 850-603-9783.

How Tall Should Your Grass Be?

Hort Services Group’s skill set is quite expansive. In search of a more efficient sprinkler system? Not a problem, we can handle it. We employ only top notch certified technicians who are trained in the most advanced industry equipment. No matter whether your location is residential or commercial, big or small, we take all challenges, thanks to solid work ethic and years of landscaping experience. Moreover, we work with our clients on pre-planning before any yard work is started. That includes inspection, estimates, budgeting, and even any creative design questions you may have. Our goal is to customize your landscape to your preferences. Once the job is done, we make sure the customer is equipped with the know-how on maintaining their brand-new setting while making sure every mess is cleaned up to look as if no one was ever there. The only difference is striking scenery.

How tall should your grass be?

Zoysia: 0.5 – 1.5 inches
Common bermudagrass: 1 – 2 inches
Centipede: 2 – 3.5 inches
St. Augustine: 2 – 4 inches

Landscaping Company Fort Walton Beach FL

Contact Hort Services Group today at 850-603-9783 to talk about the idea you have for your landscape!