Maintain Your Lawn and Irrigation System in the Fall

The days and nights are getting cooler as we get further into the fall season, but what does this mean for your lawn maintenance and irrigation system?

Be sure that you do not continue to lower your mowing height just so you are cutting grass. The thatch layer provides winter protection for your turf and can help prevent the germination of winter weeds. Don’t get aggressive until early spring before dormancy when you want to remove much of the winter thatch to make way for fresh green summer grass.

Do not apply high nitrogen fertilizers to your lawn. The grass isn’t growing, it does no need food. A low dose of potassium will help roots stay strong in the winter months and be ready for spring.

Make sure your irrigation system is off. There is no need to water existing, well–established landscape during the winter months. It will only lead to problems with fungus and the general health of the landscape. Most systems in Northwest Florida do not need to be drained. If you have lines above ground, disconnect them or wrap in blankets to prevent freezing. Manually open a couple of valves to allow expansion in case of freezing.

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