Rain Sensor Installation and Repair

While it may take a lot of work to complete, there’s something to be said about a beautiful garden or a sharp-looking lawn. The dedication and time that is put into a quality landscape is not just a sight to behold, but it also says wonders about the homeowners themselves. Of course, sometimes the labor can be too daunting for a homeowner, so it helps to know a professional landscaping business to do the heavy lifting. We service most of the Northwest Florida, and our experience and work ethic will turn any piece of scenery into something special.

Why Do I Need A Rain Sensor?

rain sensor

Hort Services Group will install a Rainbird rain sensor that easily connects to your irrigation system, but why do you need it? Having a properly installed rain sensors greatly come in handy because of the advantages they provide to a homeowner. Rain sensors can turn off an irrigation system during and after rain falls. Rain sensors are wired to the irrigation system and interrupt the cycle after certain amounts of rain have fallen. The benefits of having rain sensors include huge water conservation; lower utility bills; prevents overwatering; and your irrigation system is less likely to malfunction, since it is only on at certain times. Constant water flow will shorten an irrigation system’s life span because water will cause corrosion overtime. By using rain sensors, less water is being moved inside the system.

Rain Sensors Are Required By Law

Moreover, according to Florida law, any irrigation system must be properly installed, be maintained, and operate with technology that inhibits or interrupts operation of the system during periods of sufficient moisture. Although it is required by law, it is a hugely valuable trait for your irrigation system to have.

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