Hurricane & Flood Preparedness Services

It’s the start of hurricane season! Are you prepared?

Let Horticulture Services Group offer you Peace of Mind.

hurricane season preparedness

The storms of 2004 and 2005 are a distant memory now for most of us but with the history of our area, there are several natural disasters that affect the Gulf Coast that have accumulated in billions of dollars in property damages to Florida residents. The recent floods alone that plagued Florida’s Panhandle caused over $1.5 million in damage to homes and streets throughout Northwest FL. I have worked through remediation with many customers and one thing stands out – We could have been better prepared.

Landscapes are highly sensitive to storms and floods. The salt spray and strong winds can wreck a beautiful landscape and cause many Northwest Florida property owners thousands of dollars in damage. The truth is, when Mother Nature gets angry, there is little that can be done… or is there? Whether threatened by hurricanes, tornadoes or floods, the #1 advice is to always be as prepared as possible.

When working through the cleanup and hurricane remediation of many properties along the Gulf Coast during 2004 and 2005, I realized one thing that could have helped many of the residential homeowners and commercial property owners who fell victim to these treacherous storms was to have proper documentation. In almost all cases, there were no before photos to match up to after photos for insurance purposes. This slowed the claims process down and slowed down remediation efforts. I feel that it is my obligation to provide a service that could assist potential victims of these natural catastrophes that are relevant to the Northwest Florida area.

What I am offering to a select few clients is a landscape inspection and recommendation package for Hurricane Preparedness. This report will include:

  • A visit to your property by a licensed landscape technician
  • A detailed evaluation of the current condition of your landscape
  • Recommendations on how to make your landscape more prepared for hurricanes (i.e. tree pruning and canopy thinning)
  • A collection of pictures of your landscape to use as comparison (before) pictures for any potential claims
  • A written report- Documentation and photos provided in a neat, organized report that is readily accessible

I have been working in the landscape business doing design, maintenance, installation, and consulting for about 15 years.  I have also worked through some of the most challenging storms of the last 2 decades. I can provide you with this report for the low cost of only $897!

Sound like a lot of money? This report will give you an incredibly valuable tool to use after any storm, flood or other natural disaster that affects the Gulf Coast and will help you be prepared for when one does happen. This offer most importantly provides you peace of mind, which is priceless!

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