Serving the Community

When it comes to serving their community, Horticulture Services Group goes to the limit. For starters, they will help out military families with customized maintenance programs to take the responsibility off of spouses or family members of those deployed. Additionally, they provide essential hurricane/flood preparation services that involve licensed inspections and evaluations of your landscape; recommendations for preparing your property for severe weather; pictures for potential insurance claims; and written documentation available to you. Most companies go for the fast and easy work, but Hort Services cares about their customers and will go the extra mile to keep not only good business, but good relationships too.

For any questions, contact Horticulture Services Group to receive professional, comprehensive assessment of your landscape and see what can be done to improve it. In a situation where one company might look at a dilapidated yard and see just dirt, Hort Services sees nothing but potential and a future inviting space with healthy life. That’s why you choose Horticulture Services Group. They take on projects and make them long-lasting accomplishments. Whether you need regular upkeep, renovations, or starting from scratch settings, Hort Services has everything you could want in a professional landscaping company. Give us a call at 850-603-9783 to get started today!