U.S. Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense Certified

Horticulture Services Group has taken irrigation and water management. We are one of the first 50 horticulturists in the state to voluntarily become licensed in the States new Contractor licensing program. We also became a partner in the EPA’s Watersense program.

Recently, Crestview News Bulletin wrote an article on what this means to the landscaping and irrigation industry for local residents.

EPA logo

“The state of Florida is actually getting to where they’re trying to manage and regulate irrigation contractors the way with they do pesticide companies,” LaRue said.

Shawn LaRue also states that the certification, “Promotes sound irrigation processes,” and “sets standards and elevates the whole industry.”

Read more of this article at Crestview News Bulletin. If you’re having issues with your irrigation system or landscape, don’t hesitate to contact Hort Services Group today.